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  • Elena
    I have worked on the farm for a long time. 6 months ago, calluses appeared on the soles. It becomes unbearable to step on the feet. Summer is over, you must wear your shoes. I found Skincell Advanced on the website. A week later, the pain disappeared, and after a month, the callus healed on its own. Thanks to the medicine!
    Skincell Advanced
  • Alexandru
    My warts just caught me! There are 5 on the legs, only 2 on the face. On the official site of the manufacturer I ordered Skincell Advanced. I read the reviews, I liked it, I decided to buy. I paid by mail. I used the cream for two weeks. There are no side marks. On the face after three weeks everything is gone, on the legs too.
    Skincell Advanced
  • Ana
    I am a pianist, I have papillomas between my fingers, I can't press the keys, at first something is annoying, and then it becomes painful to press. I decided to go to a dermatologist, he prescribed Skincell Advanced cream. After 2 weeks, everything was gone, and I started playing without pain and discomfort.
    Skincell Advanced
  • Floarea
    I often went to the dacha, I walked barefoot in the yard. Suddenly, calluses appeared, I couldn't get them off with my own hands. Mechanical maintenance only helps for a while, then the corns reappear. I ordered Skincell Advanced on the website. I smeared my feet for a month, twice a day. Then the pain passes, it itches, and with that the corn disappears. I recommend this serum!
    Skincell Advanced
  • Nicolae
    My parents often complain of itching between their toes. Upon examination, it became clear that this was a papilloma. Doctors recommend Skincell Advanced. Parents use the cream strictly according to the instructions. After the first intake, they felt relieved, and after a week there were no papilloma marks.
    Skincell Advanced
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